Friday, 8 April 2011


Yesterday I thought I'd check out Submarine at the cinema after hearing it's a little Juno-esque. 7 odd stars out of 10 seem about right to me. A comedy? Yeah, funny, for sure. But 'putting Ben and Jerry's down before I drop it and holding on to my stomach, gasping for air' funny? Hmm, nah. But it wasn't just the comedy which did it for me.

Set in a quiet part of Swansea, Oliver takes on more than the average 15 year old'd be comfortable with. Kitted out in his regular attire of a duffel coat and briefcase, teamed with his school unform, Oliver's life is less than exciting...until he meets Jordana. Timid and bashful is overtaken by rebellious and unruly. Faced with bedroom antics, the wrath of angered ex-boyfriends and changing the fact that his parent's bedroom lacks dimmed lighting *ahem* Oliver takes action. With a hill top house, walks on the beach and love letters, Oliver has the boyfriend trait nailed. But is boisterious Jordana taken in by his charm? And will he keep his family and parents together? Check out Submarine, not bad for Richard Ayoade's (that nerdy bloke from the IT Crowd with curly hair and glasses)directing debut and is a nice spring time watch. If that makes sense? :)

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