Monday, 2 May 2011

You're my temple, you're all I need,

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We take over at the playground. A grandma told us to get off so her 3 year old grand daughter could go on :/ whoopsy. And is it just me or does my leg look abnormally long?

Bottom cut off. My friend said I wouldn't fit in the frame because my giant height. I say she's a bad photographer.

[Top; Primark. Trousers; New Look. Bag; Bershka. Necklace; River Island.]

Turning the lights off, burning the candle.

Easter Bank Holiday (the first of two over the past 2 weekends since this year it's been 4-days weekends galore) I stayed in all by myself (cue the "aw") as my parents went out of town to visit family, but there wasn't any space for me in the car since other randomers tagged along :( so I stayed home optimistically saying I'd revise all day long.

But with the sun shining, 90210 to catch up on and a headache brewing I opted out. Instead taking my laptop out to the garden (as you can see with the crappy camera quality :/ sorry) and took some snaps.

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[Batwinged Shirt; New Look. Velvet Leggings; Primark. Peace Necklace; ASOS.]