Wednesday, 29 June 2011


8 inches?...Really? Well who knew Louboutin had it in for every high heel-wearing woman. I doubt a couple of compeeds'll do the trick at the end of the night with these babies.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Drop drop like dominoes.

So I've not posted in over two months. I'm not sure there's a sufficient enough excuse...but I have been pretty busy with my uni finals (ok I had one exam, but that one is one too many), coming back home and squashing in as many friend catch-ups in one week as I can. But I'm back, and with avengence.
Firstly........I'M 19 :D at long last. Yeah it's not much of a big deal but when you turn 18 when your mates turn 19 or you turn 19 when your mates turn 20, you feel left behind. Especially when in uni most of your friends are a couple years older. I'm that little child in every group, although I'm also the giant one.

I also snapped up the lovely nail pens by Nails Inc. They come in black and white, I got both, and had a play about with them. I've a long way to go yet but I plan to practise :)

And here are some looks that caught my eye recently...

 Absolutely love the prints in the 3rd picture down. They sure are working the tribal and pattern-clashing look. Also check out Violetta E on lookbook. This look of hers is very effortless yet has a great impact. It's the dark tones set off with the maroon, in her docs and lippy. Have differing textures to uplift a simplistic look. Try leather, lace, suede and any other textures you can chuck together, no matter how much they don't quite compliment each other.