Sunday, 24 April 2011


Yes, it is indeed Fearne Cotton you see the back of. But I didn't post this picture for's the fan she's talking to, outside of the Radio 1 studios.

There's not much to say. I simply posted the pic because I love her style. The pop art tee, sunglasses, thick gold chain and animal-print creepers. Oh and let's not miss out the socks. Yes there's just a smidgen of them being shown, but white socks peeking out at all? I love! Goes against most fashion rules. Go FC's fan!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Look out for; Riley Keough.

Channelling Elvis: Riley Keough, the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley, is the star of the new Lee campaign

Riley Keough, Lisa Marie Presley's daughter/Elvis Presley's granddaughter, stars in the latest 'Lee' campaign. Working her old gramps' rock and roll look, the 21 year-old's putting herself in the spotlight, but with big shoes to fill.

She starred in 'The Runaways' (2010), as Marie Curie, Cherie Curie's (who was played by Dakota Fanning) older sister. With a few more films in the pipeline and her modelling career revving up, is she soon to be one of LA's happening 'uns? I think so.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Cropped Top.

Rihanna's gone short again. Whilst the afros and curls worked, the pixie look seems to suit her best. The lucky lass can get away with almost any hair style or colour which is why she puts out no stops. Versatile's her middle name but one do that didn't do it for me is the sleek and straight 'un.

Now that she's gone back to the airy fairy look, I'm just waiting for the next colour...maybe a platinum blonde or purple? Possibly green? However I doubt she'll reach for the blue bottle since pal Katy Perry's already called the dibs on the smurf look (only right since she's 2011's Smurfette). August this year and I'll be first in the queue. Smurf memories before nursery with a bowl of weetabix was the life. Me go off topic? Never!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Two man orchestra.

Check out Pharrell and Chad in the process of making Fly or Die (2004). Chad takes us on a tour through their studio and also see Pharrell on the piano playing 'Thrasher', which sounds pretty different to the end product, and 'Preservation'. Check out a big part of my inspiration, The Neptunes/two-thirds of N*E*R*D (Shae's missing).

Chris Brown ft. Benny Benassi - Beautiful People.

First listening to F.A.M.E, Beautiful People was on of those songs on repeat. Since then it's only grown on me and the video, released yesterday, has done it for me too.

The scootering through the streets is similar to the N*E*R*D 'Provider' vid, which did the same but with bikes, and there's actually a certain nerd in the video too. Check it out to see if you can see him and all the other famous faces too.

Spot the Lagerfield.

Surrounded by lookalike waiters, at the launch of 'Karl Lagerfield Coca Cola Light' in France, the Chanel frontman, Karl Lagerfield, is in there somewhere. But where?

Wear It Now; Wide Leg.

Andrew Gn, S/S 2011. Smarten the wide leg with a blouse and chic accessory, like this turban or a smart bag. This take on the wide leg will be stylish in and out of work. 

Kick it back with laid-back and unfussy in denim. Katie Holmes oozes effortlessness but the look is brought pu in the style stakes by the high waist and fitted upper half.

I came across Talia B on Lookbookand loved her almost-Spring look. Versatile this look's perfect for England's unsure weather. Keep on the leather to beat off the chill or take it off if the sun decides to come out. Floral wide legs are all over the place...I've spotted a few in River Island this season so go check them out if floral's your fave.

Sports Luxe with Tommy Hilfiger, S/S 2011.

Opt for something different. The wide leg will be seen everywhere so why not give it a twist with a dungaree like this one from Topshop? Perfect for the festivals too.

Bag two trends in one like Jill Sander has this season. Wide Leg AND colour blocking. The brighter and bolder the better. Do it if you dare.

For ultimate hippy chick, take a leaf out of Bree Henley's book, who has clearly pushed the hippy van out. Channel peace, love and righteousness with a toned-down '70's disco night in mind. Think super flares, headbands, feathers, platforms and chiffon.

And to skip one skip ahead of the rest of the pack, chuck on a dress over loosely fitted/wide legged trousers. This Eastern-inspired trend hurtled its way across LFW 2011's catwalks, including with Fendi and Jaeger. Look to Fendi for dress-over-trouser etiquete with its simplicity in the outfit, but with a smidgen of colour pop with use of accessories and lippy.

DO go denim. Timeless and can't go wrong
DON'T wear a loose top...balance out the wide leg with a tucked in or fitted upper half. Unless you're going for the dress-over-trouser trend.
DO wear high heels/platforms to give the blessing of an illusion, that is longer legs.
DO go large as large with your sunglasses.

Vampire Weekend.

Currently listening to Vampire Weekend. Simply because they make me happy. Good enough reason I think.

Jake Gyllenhall fan? Check out 'Giving Up The Gun' for some Gyllenhall leg action. Or just love fun videos that look pretty fun and hard to make (but you could actually make yourself if you had a few hundred hours to spare)? Watch 'Cousins'. Excessive use of drums and jumping around in alley ways- my cup of tea. Here's 'Cousins' you lot (and check out the lead, Ezra Koenig, is it just me or does he look a little like Jimmy Carr in this vid?)...


Yesterday I thought I'd check out Submarine at the cinema after hearing it's a little Juno-esque. 7 odd stars out of 10 seem about right to me. A comedy? Yeah, funny, for sure. But 'putting Ben and Jerry's down before I drop it and holding on to my stomach, gasping for air' funny? Hmm, nah. But it wasn't just the comedy which did it for me.

Set in a quiet part of Swansea, Oliver takes on more than the average 15 year old'd be comfortable with. Kitted out in his regular attire of a duffel coat and briefcase, teamed with his school unform, Oliver's life is less than exciting...until he meets Jordana. Timid and bashful is overtaken by rebellious and unruly. Faced with bedroom antics, the wrath of angered ex-boyfriends and changing the fact that his parent's bedroom lacks dimmed lighting *ahem* Oliver takes action. With a hill top house, walks on the beach and love letters, Oliver has the boyfriend trait nailed. But is boisterious Jordana taken in by his charm? And will he keep his family and parents together? Check out Submarine, not bad for Richard Ayoade's (that nerdy bloke from the IT Crowd with curly hair and glasses)directing debut and is a nice spring time watch. If that makes sense? :)