Friday, 11 February 2011


I would not mind taking a trip down the market with these ladies. Print heaven.

Wanted; as fashion buddy.

Now I'm not quite sure if it's the reversed-oriental-curtains kimono, the Jedward-inspired afro twist on the hair or the clownish cool shoes? Whether its one or all of these, this dude is oozing effortless swag.

So yesterday I came across a vintage leopard print hat...yes, yes I know the sun's on its way (I the UK is pretty bipolar) and this hat is very anti-sun and pro-snow, but I couldn't resist it- espesh since it was such a bargain! I bought it, ofcourse.

Here's one I've found on the net which is pretty similar (it's from ASOS for just 12 quid if you're interested) just to give you an idea of the kind of hat I mean :)

The hat'd seem pretty fitting with a prim and proper look, but since I'm quite the opposite I'm thinking acid wash skinny jeans, a tattered t & hoodie with converse, but that's just me.

The perfect accessory goes with anything, whether you're dressing up, down or want something practical...and this hat fits all so is a sure buy!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

To be fair, Alexa's creepy stalker-in-the-background look actually makes the pic.
Uh seems I've neglected my newly founded blog after just the first post, not good. So to cut a 3 month story short, Uni's getting in full swing with assignments flying out of my ears, got tickets to the X Factor finals so trekked to London for the day, queued for 6 hours but was turned away (was only like 30 people back in the queue :c ), Apprentice finished and Chris did NOT win </3, had an amaaaaaazing month off from Uni, the UK was snowed under, New Year 2011 came and went (Happy Belated New Year peeps!), went to see J-Cole and Drake live (they were both amazing), walked a 10-mile sponsored walk for African Well building!, saw Black Swan- beautiful - and life has just been life.

But I am back to blog world now and intend to be about for good...a lot more regularly!