Sunday, 6 February 2011

Uh seems I've neglected my newly founded blog after just the first post, not good. So to cut a 3 month story short, Uni's getting in full swing with assignments flying out of my ears, got tickets to the X Factor finals so trekked to London for the day, queued for 6 hours but was turned away (was only like 30 people back in the queue :c ), Apprentice finished and Chris did NOT win </3, had an amaaaaaazing month off from Uni, the UK was snowed under, New Year 2011 came and went (Happy Belated New Year peeps!), went to see J-Cole and Drake live (they were both amazing), walked a 10-mile sponsored walk for African Well building!, saw Black Swan- beautiful - and life has just been life.

But I am back to blog world now and intend to be about for good...a lot more regularly!

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