Sunday, 18 September 2011

Look over here

Alight here.

My cousin came to stay for the last few days and we crammed in quite a bit during her stay/ We went to the Westfield Stratford opening- loved it, it did have Westfield White City's bright and airy feel yet also was a lot more cultural.

Also surprised her with a trip to Madame Tussauds, since I knew she's wanted to go for a while, before heading off to the usual few tourist (got to be done even when you've lived in a city your whole life) spots- Oxford Circus, Carnaby Street, Leicester Square etc.

We also took a trip to Brick Lane. I am ashamed with myself for not going sooner. I absolutely loved it. The first half was the traditional end, full of curry houses, and the modern half was full of vintage shops and boutiques. I loved the second half and all its graffiti, clothing jewels and the vibe.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

I got a beach chair, I see the blonde hair.

I want (need) the jacket in the first photo and must learn how to do nails like this. Is it even humanely possible for someone to do such intricate details with nail polish? I just about paint my nails without spilling over all over my hands.


My parents had a bright and early appotintment in the centre of London today and decided to pop along and go shopping whilst they had blood taken and people weighing them and stuff. I bought this dress from Lazy Oaf, which I had my eye on for a while online, which had gone down to just £15, and also the pair of glasses on I have on in the photo. They're from Urban Outfitters and were a fiver. There's nothing like a tasty ol' bargain. And before you ask, I've not been taken in by the tornado that is the Harry Potter craze...I just loved the specs.I might just have to put some tape around them though, for old times sake.

I bought this poncho from Topshop for £15 the other day and right away had tons of outfits planned. At the moment it's perfect for the summery hippy look, for those chillier days, with a maxi/mini dress, denim shorts, a t shirt, jeans, tie dye/aztec prints and so on. But in Winter I'll match them with darker, bottle green, mustard, burgandy tones, docs and will carry on the tie dye trend. So if you can still grab one, I would. Especially since it's loaded with fringing, which is big throughout every 2011 season.

A few other wants are the Ksubi jeans, a lookalikey of Khloe Kardashian's cardigan (anyone know where I might be able to get's more the shape and length I'm after, rather than the colour/print), and these two Urban Outfitters rings- especially the four fingered beast of a ring, love it.