Monday, 11 April 2011

Cropped Top.

Rihanna's gone short again. Whilst the afros and curls worked, the pixie look seems to suit her best. The lucky lass can get away with almost any hair style or colour which is why she puts out no stops. Versatile's her middle name but one do that didn't do it for me is the sleek and straight 'un.

Now that she's gone back to the airy fairy look, I'm just waiting for the next colour...maybe a platinum blonde or purple? Possibly green? However I doubt she'll reach for the blue bottle since pal Katy Perry's already called the dibs on the smurf look (only right since she's 2011's Smurfette). August this year and I'll be first in the queue. Smurf memories before nursery with a bowl of weetabix was the life. Me go off topic? Never!

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