Monday, 7 March 2011

Bag It!

So I have a nice little lump sum of money coming through over the next week or two and I have a few things in mind that are must-musts.

The first...light tortoise Ray Ban Wayfarers. It might still be as cold as hell (possible?) but the sun does pop out and when it does I want these little beauties to show off.
Whilst the shops in town'll burn a 115 odd quid hole in your pocket, seek out an online alternative! With brand spanking new, and original, pairs out there, hunt down a well-reviewed seller. Sellers on sites such as Amazon and eBay, are selling exact matches for £30/40 less. Whilst it doesn't seem a great save, it'll contribute to my other must-musts. I'm sure you have an extensive list too!

Second on the list's these nail art pens by Models Own and Wah.
These bargain buys (at just £6 a pop) come in Black and White...with talks of all 99 Models Own nail varnish colours coming in the pens too! So get creative and have the nails that grab everyone's attention...whether it's leopard print, aztec or polka dot, unleash your inner nail artst!

My final must-must is these pair of Nike Blazer SP trainers (£61 from Office).
They are a replacement shoe...a replacement of that one staple shoe that we all have, that one pair that you can pop on with anything. The pair being replaced are my clear Converses. After seeing them in Teen Vogue a few years back I searched all over and failed to get my hands on them. It seems that the UK hadn't clocked on to the genius idea that is a clear trainer. And then my beautiful bud found them from some unsearched corner of England (JD Sports sold them for a short period in 2010 until they sold out...they are again unattainable) and bought me them for my 18th. Until a month ago, I wore them about 90% of the time due to their complete and utter versatility. Since they're now breaking apart I've been hunting down a new staple shoe. I came across these...high-tops, white and bright (for Summer) - I love.

And so my current Bag It list is playing on my mind...I won't rest until I've all 3 of these must-musts in my grasp!

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